Emilya Classique, the violin solo album

Toccata                      Bach                      solo violin

Ave Maria                  Bach/Gounod         violin

Canon                        Pachelbel               two violins  

Ave Maria                 Schubert                violin & saxophone

Ave Verum                Mozart                   violin

Partita III Prelude     Bach                      solo violin

Ave Maria                 Wainwright           violin

Flower Duet              Delibes                  two violins  

Gymnopedie 1           Satie                     violin & saxophone

Panis Angelicus         Franck                  violin & saxophone

Jerusalem                  Parry                    violin

Clair de Lune            Debussy                solo violin

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Emily features as both violin soloist and alto saxophone player on this, her first CD album under her stage name, Emilya.

To order a copy of the CD, for just £10  inc p&p, click on the image (left), or visit her website, http://www.emilyaviolinist.co.uk to download the album or single tracks

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