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Two performances in April 2013

Dear Family Wainwright,

Thank you SO MUCH once again for the absolutely splendid performance given at the Brookdale evening on my VP night. You were so much better than anything I could have wished for.

The warmth, energy, professionalism and family togetherness you have simply shines through in your performance. Will any grandchildren be budding musicians of the future......??

The evening was a resounding success for me personally and also for the Caracamp Committee, thanks mainly to the four of you.  I'm sure your popularity will resound through our club membership over this next week and I do hope a lot of business comes your way because of it. I can hardly wait to be hearing you all again, hopefully at Brookdale and the CD's will be constantly on, in the car and at home for some while.

I just cannot thank you all enough.................Till we meet again...............

Very best wishes to you all for your continued success



 Life is back to normal and we would like to thank you all again for your wonderful contribution you made to Elizabeth's wedding, we thought the whole day was a great success.

You really made the church service special, some people thought that the singing was supplemented with recorded voices because it was that good, we explained that it was Pam and not a recording.

The music at the reception was marvellous, with its range and complexity it was a joy to listen to, you can’t beat good live music.

We could not have wished for more.

 Hope to see you all again soon.

C & D


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