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Eminadya for Violin and Piano

Tears of the Heliad for Viola and Piano

Generation for small orchestra

Quirky for flute trombones & rhythm section

Sayanara for koto, flutes, rhythm section

David’s compositions

My first orchestral composition, Night of Meditation,was written in my first year at the RMCM and performed by the BBC Northern in 1966. Since then most of my writing was for students with whom I was working, from juniors through to youth orchestras. Along the way I wrote a string quartet, a sonata for bassoon & guitar and one and a half musicals. The completed musical, The Mathais Albani, remains unperformed except in a concept version with me doing all the singing.

I have recently been introduced to SoundCloud as a method of releasing my output to the general public, albeit in electronically produced versions, using Sibelius software and Garritan Aria sampled sounds. Some pieces are already on Sibelius, so will be easier to upload. The stuff painstakingly written by hand may take a little longer!

Below are hyperlinks to my pieces on SoundCloud. My arrangements can be found on Sheet Music Publishing SMP