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The answers are hidden in the clues;


1. Extra velocity is needed for his Bolero

3. Lotus say their Elan delivered a personal song of love unknown

4. He didn’t want to do the Piano Concerto, but Allegri egged him on

5. Like Handel, gargantuan oratorio writing was his dream

6. They tip Peter to become a child of our time

7. They give some answers to his question


2. From 2001, all I get is part of his output








Find the Composer

While I was covering Penny’s maternity leave some years ago, I wrote some little puzzles for the pupils, hoping to engage their interest and stretch their knowledge on matters musical.  I adopted a simplified crossword style grid and acrostic clues. If you know a bit about composers (and crosswords)you should find it quite easy. You can click through to the answers at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

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